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Recording studios

Experience in recording violin in a studio

My first studio recordings came in 2000 when I recorded a demo CD. It was new, interesting, and there was a desire to continue.

In 2005 the author’s CD “My dream” was recorded In 2007 I recorded a jazz CD for two violins with Emil Kunin “Jazz violin duet” – I had enough experience in the studio to become a session musician.

Skills that help me in working with recording studios

  • high bow sound quality
  • high quality of intonation clarity
  • maximum expression
  • variety of colors and timbres
  • listening game
  • ability to improvise
  • ability to edit sheet music
  • ability to make an arrangement for violin

Recording of orchestral parts

An interesting experience is recording orchestral parts (6-8 violins). To create the feeling of a group of instruments, you can not only play different violins, but also change the timbre on one instrument by changing the

  • vibrations
  • the strokes of the bow
  • aplicatures

Recording violin parts for a song

Recording of orchestral parts for a children’s piece

Jerusalem. Western Wall. My Freilach.

Recommendations of recording studios

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