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Improvisation in music is the improvisation of life

What is improvisation? It is the spontaneous expression of one’s thoughts, feelings, sensations in the here and now.
Improvisation can be not only musical, such as jazz or baroque, but also verbal, such as spontaneous speech in front of an audience…
What do music, speech, and other types of improvisation have in common? A certain state we find ourselves in, improvising….

How to play the violin with no fret. Violin intonation.

The question is often asked – how do violinists find the right notes on the violin without harmonies? Indeed, the question of violin intonation or “clean notes” on the violin is quite acute not only for beginning violinists. The slightest change in the angle of the fingertip leads to an increase or decrease in sound, and this is often the problem of pure violin playing…

How to play to minus songs. What is a minus.

Aliza Keren. Violin. Working in a recording studioPhonogram, playback (playback) – a recorded accompaniment played or sung by a soloist, in our case a violinist.

Minusovka, minus – a phonogram without the main melody played by a violin or other solo instrument (or vocalist). Minuscules are often used by playing violinists …

Topical articles

Violin lessons online? Today, it's a reality.

violin, improvisation, creativity.If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be teaching violin over the internet, I wouldn’t have believed it. Fantasy, it’s impossible to take it seriously. First, the Skype delay was killing the desire to talk to the person I was talking to, and second, hand placement on the violin – how can you do that remotely?

Improvisation - a look from inside and out

violin, improvisation, creativity.By the view “from within” we will mean the description of the subjective feelings of the musician-performer in the process of improvisation. Under the “outside” view are the objective psychophysical regularities underlying the process. The description of subjective sensations is made on the basis of analyzing both one’s own sensations…

How to practice music with children under 2 years old?

A strange question, it would seem, at first glance – well, how can you practice music with an infant?
Upon reflection, however, there is an imbalance between this passive anticipation of first growing up and one of the most active periods of brain development, from zero to a year or two.


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